Podés estar seguro que no entendiste el Proceso Unificado cuando…

Posted on the agosto 14th, 2008 under Proceso Unificado,Programación Orientada a Objetos by Nacho

Un extracto del Libro de Larman (Applying UML and Patterns: An Introduction to Object-Oriented Analysis and Design and Iterative Development, Third Edition) mientras termino un post donde resumimos largas charlas presenciales y virtuales con Milton acerca de las metodologías para el desarrollo de software.

2.13. You Know You Didn’t Understand Iterative Development or the UP When…

Here are some signs that you have not understood what it means to adopt iterative development and the UP in a healthy agile spirit.

  • You try to define most of the requirements before starting design or implementation. Similarly, you try to define most of the design before starting implementation; you try to fully define and commit to an architecture before iterative programming and testing.
  • You spend days or weeks in UML modeling before programming, or you think UML diagramming and design activities are a time to fully and accurately define designs and models in great detail. And you regard programming as a simple mechanical translation of these into code.
  • You think that inception = requirements, elaboration = design, and construction = implementation (that is, superimposing the waterfall on the UP).
  • You think that the purpose of elaboration is to fully and carefully define models, which are translated into code during construction.
  • You believe that a suitable iteration length is three months long, rather than three weeks long.
  • You think that adopting the UP means to do many of the possible activities and create many documents, and you think of or experience the UP as a formal, fussy process with many steps to be followed.
  • You try to plan a project in detail from start to finish; you try to speculatively predict all the iterations, and what should happen in each one.

Destaco por ahora la ante última oración para los detractores y que dicen que es poco ágil.

Más información acerca del UP, Rational UP, y otras «instancias» del UP.


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